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Terms and Conditions

Warranty: We offer a 1-year warranty on installation only for clients who also purchase material with us. The warranty starts from the date the customer signed the proposal. Product warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Please consult us about the manufacturer warranty on your product. We are not responsible for damage to flooring caused by water or moisture intrusion from walls, windows, doors, apertures, pets, nor from poor drainage and changes in subfloor moisture content not present at time of pre-installation test done with a concrete moisture meter. Additionally, we are not responsible for scratches or any physical damages caused by the customer. If a customer wishes for Face of Wood to return to the job site after the 1 year warranty, the customer will be subjected to pay for the repair. The moisture test scale goes from 1 to 6, being acceptable readings from 1 to 4. For readings from 5 to 6 extra moisture protection/barrier is required. Should customers request more extensive moisture testing (E.G. Calcium Chloride test or other), it is their responsibility to request this in writing at their expense. Face of Wood starts and finishes projects in a continuous manner (no interruptions), unless extreme circumstances arise (hurricanes, tornados, flood, leaking, fire etc). If it is agreed by both parties that the project needs to be interrupted, the customer is responsible to pay for what is already done.

Payment Terms: The total payment for the material is due upon proposal signature. 50% of the total for labor must be paid at the end of the first date of installation and the remaining 50% will be charged after the project is concluded (unless interruptions arise). Customer agrees that Face of Wood won't order flooring without material cost payment. (5% of the total of labor can be held by the client if the project is delayed due to lack of transition moldings or baseboards caused by the distributor).

Wood Material: Engineered and Solid Wood can be subject to color and knots variation since it is a unique and natural material. Customer is responsible for checking and approving the material upon arrival. The characteristics in the sample will be similar but never be the same as the ones delivered in the box. Each plank has its own id.
Material Return: If a client requests to change or return of any material purchased for this contract prior to installation, a 25% restocking fee and/or shipping fees will be charged by the manufacturer (Face of Wood does not have any control or authority over this return fee). The return must be done within 30 days from delivery date.

Self Leveling: If Self leveling is needed, customers will be advised. This part of the project is determined on a case by case basis. If there is any flooring rip up, there are chances that we will need to level the floor. Customer will be advised on the extra cost.


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Licensed and Insured

We are Licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind when hiring our services.

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