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Face of Wood offers financing through Synchrony Financial. You can initiate your application right here providing us some basic information, and we will get in touch with you to complete the application process. Ask us about our 12 month 0% interest financing offer.

Synchrony Financial

DISCLAIMER: Face of Wood does not sell or share your information with any third party other than Synchrony for the purpose of your credit application. We respect the right of privacy of all our customers.

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NWFA; BBB Accredited Business; Enzine Articles: Expert Author

Licensed and Insured

We are Licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind when hiring our services.

  • FEI/EIN Number: 261379255
  • Broward County: CC#10-FC-16770-X
  • West Palm Beach: #U-21591
  • Miami Dade: #11BS00221
  • Martin County: MCNS6372
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